Thank you for a great ride!

BKME came about as a side project in 2012. We were tired of seeing cars, trucks and even police cars parked in the bikelanes, violating the few spaces we, the cyclists, have in the city for ourselves. It was an attempt to empower urban cyclists to defend their bikelanes from the threats that cars and other obstacles present to us every day.

Time passed and we saw ourselves not being able to give the necessary attention to the project. While we still believe a lot can be done to make the city a safer place for bikers, we have decided to stop BKME until we find a sustainable way to make a difference.

Thank you @freddytruman, @citybeagle, @rebelliouszpoet, @DrChaya, @hoyingfan, @hudsonreels, @willgame, @edwingzmn, @omarzh, @suengo, @vergarapetrescu, @cabrera, @robertcarlsen, @reedandrader, @strbikelane.

We hope we can bring to life a better iteration of BKME in the near future.

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Alex & Martin

Viva la veloluciĆ³n!